Happy Birthday Killing Floor!

Today, Tripwire Interactive is absolutely thrilled to celebrate the five year anniversary of the multi-million unit selling Sci-Fi Horror, FPS game KILLING FLOOR. Since its commercial release on May 14, 2009, KILLING FLOOR has seen five years of continued support from Tripwire that has been packed with zed slaying action. To give gamers an idea of just HOW bloody good fun it’s been, Tripwire has put together an official infographic detailing some of the stats that could be especially relevant for the KILLING FLOOR community. 

Ever wanted to know the number of zeds killed in the past 5 years? Check! Or maybe the total number of bullets fired in that span? Yeah, we have that too! Tripwire even offers up 5 interesting facts that you likely have never known about the original KILLING FLOOR. But don’t take our word for it – download and check out the infographic for yourself!


KF 5Yr Anniversary Infographic