Heading into 2016 with Tripwire!

As we here at Tripwire return back to the office after spending time with our families, friends and other loved ones we are gearing up for what should be a very exciting year. This past week (and the first few days of next week) we are setting into motion our plans for the upcoming year. 

First let us lay down some ground rules. Like always everything we talk about is subject to change at any time, suddenly and with no warning. Focuses can shift and priorities change so we can react to what we feel is best for our fans and our games. With that out of the way, here we go!

We wrapped up last year with the “Return Of The Patriarch” update for Killing Floor 2 and are already going full steam ahead towards our next major content update. We will be talking about what that contains as we move forward but I would also like to talk about some recent changes as well. Looking at stats and player feedback we are looking at perks and balance with a fine eye but it may take some time for the results of this to develop. We have also made some changes to how we plan our production pipeline to allow us to be more nimble and react to non-content additions faster. This means the release of some in-between, smaller updates. 

Something else that happened in late December, as developers headed home for the holidays, is that we challenged them to come up with wild interesting ideas (that were not in our plans) and go forth and build prototypes. Later today we will be presenting those projects internally and several may be selected for further development and incorporation to the main game or released as mods. 

And for those of you who are fans of our Red Orchestra/Rising Storm franchise, keep an eye out next week! The march to war is on and we have news to bring you from the front! Stay tuned in for all the latest as we begin to talk about everything Rising Storm 2: Vietnam!

We look forward to spending time in our games together with all of you in the new year! One could say we are so excited we are heading for orbit!