Killing Floor's Halloween Horror Double Feature Available Now On Steam!

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Killing Floor's Halloween Horror Double Feature Available Now On Steam!

16 October 2014, Roswell, GA

Today, Tripwire Interactive is pleased to announce that the Killing Floor Halloween Double Feature update is now available on Steam!  A new Halloween map, the Halloween Zeds AND the Toy Master mod, featuring evil, demented toys out to kill you - is all available for free to Killing Floor owners. We've also set up some DLC bundles, at a great price and then discounted them 75% off for the duration of the sale, allowing Trick-Or-Treaters to pick up the Killing Floor goodies they might be missing from their collection.  Lastly, individual DLC is 50% off.

We've put together a spooky new trailer for our Halloween update that can be viewed here so be sure to check that out as well and share it with your friends!  Let us know what you think in the Killing Floor Forums here!

The Killing Floor Halloween Horror Double Feature includes:

  • The Return of the Halloween Zeds!
    • They’re back... The popular Killing Floor Halloween Zeds have returned along with all of their achievements and unlockable characters!
  • New Map
    • Club Clandestine - a demented underground nightclub complete with all the requisite torture devices for a fun night out
  • New Official Mod
    • Toy Master Mod with Devil's Dollhouse Map - a new official mod, free to all owners of Killing Floor, featuring the debut of the Toy Master Game Mode along with the Devil's Dollhouse map & evil toys replacing the zeds. Toy Master was created by Tripwire Interactive's Art Director David Hensley, with help from Killing Floor originator Alex Quick and is a must play for fans of the series!
  • New DLC Bundle Packs:
    • Killing Floor DLC Character Pack Bundle (Contains Outbreak, Nightfall, PostMortem, London's Finest, Steampunk, Steampunk 2 and Urban Nightmare)
    • Killing Floor Premium Character Bundle (Contains Ash Harding, Harold Lott, Chickenator, DAR, Mrs Foster, Reggie and the 2 Neon characters)
    • Weapons Bundle (IJC WP 1, Gold WP 1, Gold WP 2, IJC WP 2, Camo WP, IJC WP 3, Neon WP)
    • Community Content Bundle (IJC WP 1, IJC WP 2, IJC WP 3, Neon Characters, Neon WP)

The Killing Floor Halloween Horror Double Feature Sale is happening NOW on Steam (

NOTE: Tripwire's Killing Floor Halloween Horror Double Feature Sale runs from 10/16/14 (10AM PST) to 11/3/14 (10AM PST).  We're also being featured in Steam's upcoming FREE WEEKEND so get some friends together and have a go!

New screenshots (click on thumbs for larger versions):

Club Clandestine

Alt 01 Alt 04 Clandestine 02 Clandestine 03 Clandestine 031

Toy Master/Devil's Dollhouse

Toymaster 01 Toymaster 02 Toymaster 03 Toymaster 04 Toymaster 05