New Killing Floor 2 screens and a report from PAX South!

PAX South Logo

Tripwire was in attendance last weekend for the very first PAX South show in San Antonio where we hosted a Killing Floor 2 panel on Saturday.  We'd like to thank everyone that attended. We had a great time meeting all of you and answering as many questions as we could during and after the panel.

Some pics below from our trip (click the thumbnail for the full-size image)

Showfloor Start Of Line More Crowd

Pre Panel Fullhouse Qanda 

Laptop Fanclub NVIDIA Alamo

We also have a fresh new batch of KILLING FLOOR 2 screens for you as well! (Click on thumbs to see the full sized versions):

KF2 Jan27 001 KF2 Jan27 002 KF2 Jan27 005 KF2 Jan27 006 

KF2 Jan27 007 KF2 Jan27 008 KF2 Jan27 009 KF2 Jan27 013 

KF2 Jan27 014 KF2 Jan27 015 KF2 Jan27 017 KF2 Jan27 019 

KF2 Jan27 020 KF2 Jan27 022 KF2 Jan27 024 KF2 Jan27 026